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Wedding Photography by Mike Strong
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Basic Package

Viewers look in through window and past the musicians at ceremony. Photo Mike Strong
Wedding Cost Calculator

 Wedding Costs

Video and Photography by Mike Strong - Copyright 2005 Mike Strong - all rights reserved

Each section below is a separate task. Put them all together for a single job. Either Video or Stills (not both at the same time)

For the basic price add the time-on-site charges and the selected proof charges. Figure additional money for the prints and/or full size photo file disk.

1 - Still Pictures

For example: You might want a half day ($450, time on site), proofs on CD ($30) and a thumbnail book for the CD ($90). That would be $570. If you also wanted full-size photo files (like getting the negatives, for film) add $250 to get $820.

Final Print Prices:

$2 for 4x6's
$5 for 5x7's
$15 for 8x10's (on 8.5x11 paper)
$40 for 11x14 to 13x19 (on 13x19 paper)

Prices for larger sizes are arranged separately

Prints are very long lasting fade-resitant artworks. They are made on archival paper with archival (pigment) inks. According to Epson, they should last anywhere from 60 to 200 years before noticeable fading according to "accelerated-aging" tests.

$250 for a CD-ROM or DVD-data disk with full-size files. Allows you to make your own prints from the files. This is the digital equivalent of getting the negatives for film. You can make your own prints from this disk (two copies of, actually). These are the full-size (high-resolution) files only, no proofs.

Having high-resolution files only on this disk is to avoid getting the wrong (low) resolution files used to make your prints if you take them to Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. The proof size look terrible as prints because they are designed for display on a monitor or TV. You always need to use the high-resolution files.

Types of Proofs

Book of Proof Prints
$90 for 200 (4 x 6 in) prints in a photo book (for hand viewing) - This is the standard pre-digital-age method.

Proofs on CD-ROMS or DVD data disk (for computer)
$30 for First CD-ROM
$10 each additional CD-ROM.

Thumbnail Book to accompany the CD-ROM or DVD data disk computer proofs.
$80 for First Thumbnail Book
$60 for each additional thumbnail book.

CD-ROM proofs are low-resolution files viewed on a computer in HTML pages using that computer's web browser. These are files on the CD, not on the web.

Video Slide Show Proofs:
$75 for the first DVD or
$60 for the first VHS and
$15 for each subsequent video slide show (tape or DVD). The proofs play as a video slide show with the picture numbers underneath the slide.

The preparation for either DVD or VHS is the same for the initial conversion to a video file. The DVD requires an extra preparation so the first charge for a DVD is more.

However, if you order a DVD the work for a VHS is already done as well, so you can then order both VHS and DVD subsequent videos at the same price each.
VHS Tape Proofs - All Pictures on VHS video tape.
DVD video Proofs
- All pictures on DVD video disk.

Time-on-site charges

$450 half-day charge (4-hours or less stretching to 5 hours) or
$650 full-day charge (8-10 hours)

Cost Calculator

Use this handy table to estimate your probable costs depending on what you order. This does not include prices for prints.
   Item Version Quantity    Price    Total   
  Time on Location:
  Half Day  (4-hours or less, stretching to 5 hours)      
  Full Day  Full Day(8-10 hours)      
  Proofs on CD for Computer    First Proof disk      
    Additional Proof Disks      
  Thumbnail book for CD   1st Thumbnail book for CD      
    Additional Thumbnail books      
  Book of 4x6 prints    Album with 200 prints      
  Book of 4x6 prints    Album with 50 prints      
  Video Slide Shows    1st DVD disk or VHS Tape      
    Additional DVDs or VHSs      
  Original-Photos, File Disk
  Data disk with full-resolution picture files   
Like getting the negatives.   
You can make your own prints from these.   
(two copies)      

2 - Video Coverage

$800 day charge shooting in Digital Video
+$300 20-minute Edited Video With Titles
$1,100 total

Output to VHS: First tape: $25, Each Additional: $15
Output to DVD: First DVD: $60, Each Additional: $15

Mike Strong
5921 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110
(816) 444-4459

Proofs on CD

Proofs are now provided on a CD-ROM which can be placed in your computer to view pictures and purchase prints. This is an easier and more flexible way to view pictures and to put in individual orders.

To purchase a picture from a proof sheet. Click on the picture to see a separate page with just that picture on it in a larger size. You will notice that there is a drop-down list box with paper sizes. As you change the options in this box you will see the price listed to the left. To purchase, click on the "Add To Cart" button.

I use PayPal because they take care of the security matters on credit cards, etc. I don't want to have any of that information on my site where I would have to worry about security.

If you would rather not go through the PayPal method you may call me directly at 816-471-4110 or email me at

In either case I need to have the picture name and the size in which you would like to see it printed.