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Files for Video Editing Exercises

For some exercises it may be more convenient to use these files which work directly in the class exercises.

Download Video Exercise Files Click Here

Working With Files and the File Extension Problem

When dealing with Windows files you need to make sure that you are able to see all file extensions on your files. Click here for a tutorial on why and how to see those extensions.

This problem leads to people in the database class not being able to open their downloaded change-the-name database file in Access (come up in Notepad) and it leads to people editing webpages in Notepad saving what they think are files with names like "MyPage.htm" which are really "MyPage.htm.txt" making the files un-open-able as web pages.

FileZilla FTP program

(for moving files to and from your website)

FileZilla FTP program (application) - This is a terrific small FTP program. FileZilla allows you to move (copy) files between your own machine (local) and the web server (remote). The portable FileZilla is especially nice in that it can be installed on a thumb drive and used on any machine you are at where you can install a thumb drive. On caution though: it will keep bugging you to update. Don't. You will be updating with the standard install which won't work from your thumbdrive.

Download Page:


Contact Information:
Email info: - 816-444-4459,  personal page, same as photo CV


  Below is a copy of a tribute to the passing of Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011), the inventor of the C language and the co-inventor with Ken Thompson of UNIX. Both together produced the foundations of a good deal of modern computing and products from mp3 players to phones, most web servers, most programs of any kind. Very few people in computing have this much impact.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    printf("goodbye, dad\n");
    return 0;